Syllabus for IGNOU BSc Physics - Electric and Magnetic Phenomena PHE-07

Today we live in a world dominated by electrical appliances. Continued innovations in technology have revolutionised our life style. And it is highly satisfying that such a wide variety of devices operate on a few simple electromagnetic principles.

Subject Credit: 
4 Credit
IGNOU BSc Physics - Electric and Magnetic Phenomena PHE-07

The electromagnetic force plays an important role in our life in that it is solely responsible for the structure of matter from atomic to macroscopic dimensions. Even chemical compound occurring on the earth owe their existence to electromagnetic interactions. The electrical forces govern the replication of DNA molecules and hence life on ourplanet.

Moreover, the study of electromagnetism will be useful in understanding other courses of physics, like the special theory of relativity, optics, quantum mechanics, etc.

Syllabus per Block Divisions in IGNOU BSc Physics - Electric and Magnetic Phenomena PHE-07

Block 1: Electrostatics in Free Space

  1. Unit 1: Electric Charge, Force and Field
  2. Unit 2: Gauss' Law
  3. Unit 3: Electric Potential
  4. Unit 4: Potential for Continuous Charge Distributions and Enegy

Block 2: Electmstatics in Medium

  1. Unit 5: Dielectrics
  2. Unit 6: Capacitors
  3. Unit 7: Microscopic Properties of Dielectrics

Block 3: Electric Current and Magnetic Field

  1. Unit 8: Electric Current
  2. Unit 9: Magnetic Field
  3. Unit 10: Motion of Charges in Electric and Magnetic Fields
  4. Unit 11: Magnetism of Materials-I
  5. Unit 12: Magnetism of Materials-II

Block 4: Electmmagnetics

  1. Unit 13: Electromagnetic Induction
  2. Unit 14: Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
  3. Unit 15: Reflection and Refraction of Electromagnetic Waves
  4. Appendix:

Detailed Syllabus for IGNOU BSc Physics - Electric and Magnetic Phenomena PHE-07

Electric Charge, Quantization and Conservation of Electric Charge, Coulomb's Law, Electric Field, Principle of Superposition, Electric Lines of Force; Electric Flux, Gauss's law, Divergence, Electric Field for Spherical, Plane and Cylindrical Distribution of Charges, Equivalence with Coulomb's law, Differential form of Gauss's Law; Electric Potential; Line Integral of the Electric Field, Potential Difference and Potential Function, Electric Field from the Potential, Electric Field and Potential of Dipole and Quadrupole; Potential for Charge Distributions: Equipotential Surfaces, Potential due to Charged Wire and Charged Disc, Energy Associated with Electric Field; Conservative Nature of Electric Force, Electrical Images.

Dielectric Material in an Electric Field, Polarisation, Gauss's Law in Dielectric Medium, Displacement Vector, Boundary Conditions on D and E; Capacitors, Dielectric Material between Capacitor Plates, Parallel Plate and Cylindrical Capacitors, Capacitors in Series and Parallel, Uniqueness Theorem; Microscopic Properties of Dielectrics, Atomic and Molecular Polarizability, Claussius-Mossotti Formula.

Electric Currents: Charge Transport and Current Density, Equation of Continuity, Microscopic View of Electrical Conductivity, Ohm's Law - Breakdown of Ohm's law; Review of Alternating Current; Magnetic Field: Definition, Divergence of Magnetic Field, Ampere's Law and its Applications to Straight Wire, Solenoid and Toroid; Force on a Charged Particle Moving in Electric and Magnetic Fields, Working Principles of an Oscilloscope, Cyclotron and Velocity Selector; Magnetic Materials: Response of Substances to Magnetic Field, Current Loop and Magnetic Dipoles, Magnetic Dipole Moment, Magnetisation Vector, Volume and Surface Distribution of Magnetization, Ampere's Law for Magnetic Materials, Magnetic Susceptibility and Permeability, B-H Curve and Hysteresis; Magnetic Circuit, Electromagnet; Electric Current in an Atom, Electron Spin and Magnetic Moment, Gyromagnetic ratio, Dia- Para and Ferro Magnetic Materials; Nuclear Magnetism.

Electromagnetic Induction: Faraday's Laws of Electromagnetic Induction, Lenz's Law, Motional E.M.F., Self and Mutual Inductance, Self Inductance for Solenoid, Mutual Inductance of Coupled Solenoids, Energy Stored in the Magnetic Field; Transformer; Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves: Displacement Current; Generalisation of Ampere's Law; Maxwell's Equations, Poynting's Theorem, Wave Equation, Nature and Propagation of Plane Electromagnetic Waves in Vacuum and Dielectric Media; Reflection and Refraction of Plane Electromagnetic Waves at a Surface of a Dielectric (Normal Incidence); Radiation from an Oscillatory Electric Dipole (Qualitative), Antennas.