Syllabus for IGNOU BSc Physics - Physics Laboratory-II PHE-08 (L)

The first level physics laboratory course is an exercise to develop basic experimental skills in a student. In the second level laboratory course IGNOU wish to cultivate confidence in students in handling sophisticated instruments, apart from generating ability to overcome difficulties when an experimental arrangement does not work. Moreover, interpreting and analysing data should sharpen student's scientific skills.

Subject Credit: 
4 Credit
Physics Laboratory-II PHE-08 (L)

The experiments in this course can be broadly divided into three groups: Electrical Circuits and Electronics, Optics and Thermodynamics. A deliberate effort has been made while deviating in the choice of equipments, particularly for electrical circuits.

IGNOU hope that this course will prepare students to tackle situations without external help.

Syllabus for IGNOU BSc Physics - Physics Laboratory-II PHE-08 (L)

  1. Experiment 1: A Study of Network Theorems
  2. Experiment 2: Calibration of a Thermistor and Determination of its Energy Gap
  3. Experiment 3: Construction and CharacterisationĀ  of Power Supplies and Filters
  4. Experiment 4: Study of OPAMP as Summing and Inverting Amplifier
  5. Experiment 5: Study of OPAMP as Differentia tor and Integrator
  6. Experiment 6: Detection and Measurement of Charge using an OPAMP
  7. Experiment 7: Study of Lens Properties and Optical Instmments
  8. Experiment 8: Spectral Analysis using a Prism Spectrometer
  9. Experiment 9: Interference of Light: Young's Experiment
  10. Experiment 10: Spectral Analysis using a Grating Spectrometer
  11. Experiment 11: Production, Detention and Reflection of Polarised Light
  12. Experiment 12: Study of Interference of Polarised Light
  13. Experiment 13: Measurement of Cp/Cv by an Acoustic Method
  14. Experiment 14: Measurement and Interpretation of Cooling Curves: Phase Change